About Us



The company was founded in 1980 and since the beginning we have been working with the processing of plastic materials.
All this time, our production has been developing, upgrading and extending with the variety of modern, technologically advanced products.

Over 35 years of experience on the field of injection molding.

End user / Evolution through creativity

Want to design your own products?. According to their requirements, needs and specifications. Appearance, color and shape depend on you. You are a creative director and producer. Know your project and your creative space? Therefore: create yourself - and allow us to provide a space for your product !

Industry / Progress through development

Have ideas. Together we can drive design of your product forward. Together we can walk along new paths, or even the already well-established, if it is your desire and the best and fastest route to your destination. We are advisors, assistants and partners for the most uncomfortable questions, complex problems or difficult tasks.

With the help of your ideas and plans, we will easy achieve desired goals.

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