Moving the plastic injection molding tools

Changing your plastic injection service provider can be a stresfull process. That is why we want to provide you with the most pleasant experience possible and a correct and safe way to move the tools for your plastic pieces. After each tool is inspected and tested we begin with the regular production of plastic peices.

+ Shorter deadlines

+ Free tool control

+ Flexible capacities for faster production of plastic products

Frequently asked questions
Capacity varies from machine to machine and from day to day. Neverthless, we are flexible on capacity because each tool can be moved to one of several plastic injection molding machines.
All modern plastic injection molding machines are made according to European standards, so your tools should in principle correspond to our devices.
Delivering time for plastic granules are constantly changing, but we have most of the standard granules always in stock. In case you already have your own plastic injection material, we will be happy to use this material to make your product.
Transportation is organized by us. When taking over the tool, our technologist is present, who checks the adequacy of the taken over tools.
Would you like to move the tool?