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Tool making support

You need a tool to make a plastic piece. If you are developing a new or existing product and do not yet have the tools for it, we can help you. We will offer you support in the planning itself and connect you with our external partner, who will manufacture the tool according to the agreed requirements and standards.

+ Professional assistance and planning consultancy

+ Guaranteed tool compatability with our injection molding machines

+ Process optimisation and shorter development time

Steps towards a new tool

1. Product planning

To make a plastic injection tool, you need a 3D model, which we can help you customise accordingly. Based on this, we can determine the goals, requirements, and timeline and prepare an offer for the manufacture of tools and plastic injection.

2. Tool making

Once the offer is confirmed, we send the starting points to the toolmaker and the process of precise planning and production of the tool can begin. With the help of advanced technologies, experienced professionals will create the appropriate injection molding tools for your plastic piece.

3. Injection molding

Once the tool is made, we can begin the process of plastic injection molding. We will produce the desired quantities of plastic pieces, with selected materials and additives, and within a certain time frame. After the end of production, we will deliver plastic pieces and prepare them for takeover.

Planning instructions

For the proper planning of a plastic piece, we have prepared instructions that will help you define the details properly.
Frequently asked questions
Of course. Prior to our cooperation, you can send us your NDA, which we will sign and send back to you.
Yes. We always like to help upgrade the product. With our knowledge, we can help you customise the poduct to be suitable for plastic injection molding technology.
There are many advantages: shorter delivery times, greater production flexibility, less difficulty in finding different suppliers, greater price efficiency, more services in one place, and for some the most important – peace of mind.
Yes. We have a warehouse in the company where all the tools are properly stored and suitably preserved. The products can be sent to the desired location, and at the same time we also offer the design of special labels, such as barcodes with company logos, batches, etc.
Do you want us to make the tool?

Planning instructions

Planning instructions


Product catalogue

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