2. June, 2021

Difference between multi-cavity tools and those with replaceable molding cores

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A tool / mold is in the form of a hollow mold, usually made of stainless steel, into which plastic is injected to make a plastic part. The plastic is injected into the cavity, which is moulded in the shape of the desired part. Molds are used only in mass production due to the costs incurred in their design and manufacture. Because they are essential to the creation of manufacturing process, it is crucial that they are perfectly crafted.

Multy-cavity tool

A multi-cavity mold contains more than one cavity of the same part, and produces more than one part per production cycle. Because of the shorter lead time per batch, using a multi-cavity mold results in a faster completion of the desired number of parts. This increases productivity and creates a better rate of return in significant quantities.

Multi-cavity molds also allow you to use the cycle more efficiently and make multiple parts from the same injection cycle. Our multi-cavity molds ensure quality parts while maintaining precise deviations and optimizing cycle time.

Tools for replaceable molding cores for different items

The tool with replaceable molding cores for different items has several cavities cut in the mold, which allows the design of several different parts with the same material in one cycle. Each cavity usually forms a different part, which is ideal for mold prototypes due to the fast design cycles.

These types of molds are usually unbalanced during filling because the parts often have different shapes, which can lead to an increase in design mistakes.

When several different parts come out of the mold, much more manual intervention is required to separate the parts. That usually involves a higher degree of manual work, as automation in the separation process is not optimal.

Due to the higher error rate of molds with replaceable molding cores for different items, they are usually cheaper than multi-cavity molds. In the case of small batches, the price of the tool is favourable.

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Plastika Bevc Team